App Idea: Discourse App For Umbrel


Just had a thought - it’d be cool to have Discourse as an app on Umbrel. It’s a neat platform for discussions and this community uses it too!

What do you guys think?

Great idea!
People may need to set-up a reverse proxy or tunnel so it can be accessed over the internet by others, but otherwise would work great I assume.

This is the two frameworks for adding an app to umbrel in anyones interested in working on this:
Adding apps to the main appstore- GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel-apps: The official app repository of the Umbrel App Store. Submit apps and updates here. Learn how →
Community app-store framework- GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel-community-app-store: Template repository for a creating your own Community App Store for Umbrel. Click “Use this template” and add your apps!

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