After v0.5.0 Update blockchain starts from block 0 again

After updating to version v0.5.0 I have only 1 peer connected and it starts to validate the blockchain again from block 0!
Before the update it was 100% synchronized…
This took longer than 5 days and after the update it starts again from 0?
Please that cannot be true… :innocent:
Under settings I still see the older version:
Umbrel Version 0.4.18

Should I try the update to 0.5.0 again?

I just finished the upgrade to 5.0 and everything (blockchain and apps) are working as expected. But the time from restart and all the apps working took what felt like a very long time.

My Trezor T which was connected to Umbrel before the update was also not connected anymore…

Looks like the BTC blockchain is still stored on the SSD, because it still takes 566 GB from the 2 TB SSD… but nevertheless it starts synching again from scratch… :smiling_face_with_tear:

I did a reboot of my umbrel after updating to vers 5.0 and did a refresh on my computer while it was rebooting because it had been at least 1h, now i cant seem to have access to my umbrel local on my lap top, what do i do?


I updated a second time and changed my browser from Chrome to Safari (I am working on a MAC) and this time it worked fine.
I am now on Version 0.5.0 and the blockchain is synchronized again at 100%. :+1:t2:
May be the addblocker in my chrome caused the problem?

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