Adding the new blocks stops all the time

Hello, I have the blockchain synchronized and updated, but the synchronization stops after a few hours and I can only re-sync it by restarting Umbrel.

I don’t know what I can modify to keep the node running without having to reboot 3 times a day.

I have Umbrel Home and the latest version of the OS.

The sync just stop, like this:

Hey @mattplate, sorry to hear that. In the screenshot, it looks like your node is only able to connect to one other node (at least at the instant when the screenshot was taken). It could be worth double-checking the settings in the Bitcoin Node app. Click “…” on the right, then go to Advanced Settings > Peer Settings, and try enabling/disabling clearnet and Tor to see if one or the other option helps your node in establishing connections with more nodes.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
This is my Peer settings:

I reset and still showing 1 peer:

This is my log:
umbrel_bitcoin_2024-05-06_15-55.log (286.0 KB)