After Node Migration: LND rescan does not find Taproot UTXO

I recently merged my old citadel node and set up a new Umbrel node.
When closing a channel with the mobile app OBW, which was connected to my citadel node, the citadel channel balance was transferred to a taproot address and visible in citadel node.

On the new Umbrel node this taproot address is not found.
Also after doing a rescan with reset-wallet-transactions=true, no taproot balance found.

Further investigations:
lncli wallet accounts list

  • has NO taproot address on new Umbrel node:
"derivation_path": "m/86'/0'/0'",
"external_key_count": 0,
"internal_key_count": 0,
  • has 4 taproot addresses on old Citadel node:
"derivation_path": "m/86'/0'/0'",
"external_key_count": 2,
"internal_key_count": 2,

Any advise, how I get my taproot balance found on Umbrel?

X86 with Debian Bullseye
Umbrel 0.5.3

OK, without any reply and suggestion for solving this topic, I decide for a workaround.

On the old node, I transferred the max balance (all UTXOs) with Thunderhub to a new Umbrel address.
Now, after same confirmations the total balance is now available on the Umbrel node.

Topic closed for me.