A (silly) question to experienced people

Hi, all
Is it better or obligatory to update versions on-line, or can I burn the updates to the SD card?
More, if I update the SD card, will Umbrel be updated with the next reboot?
I’m worried that the different versions (older in SD card and newer in SSD) can bring problems after reboots, mainly in a context of going through others issues.
I imagine it is better to have same version on card and in SSD, but not sure.
Thanks any help.

Good question, not silly.

Each boot UmbrelOS checks whether the installed version is older than the flashed one, and only updates if true. Since your scenario is false (SD not newer), nothing happens and UmbrelOS just boots. You can even see this check in the debug-log accessible via the UI > Settings > Debug.log

Ok. So, seems a good practice to update via flashing the new version into SD card.
I´m using version 4.7 now, which seems less bugged, will wait for a good version and try update via flashing SD card, for testing.
Thanks for information.

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