2fa not working since update

I updated to 1.0 and now my 2fa isn’t working.
I had tailscale installed for what its worth, I’ve seen elsewhere that there can be issues depending on domain. regardless of trying to connect directly to IP over lan, or using Tailscale the 2fa is not working.

I have also tried to SSH in use the script I have seen online to remove it, but that also did not work.

Any ideas?

I have the same issue.

I had the same problem, fixed it by downgrading to 0.5.4
The check the difference between user.json and user.json.migrated.
You will find that 2FA and all Apps open again. The user.json.migrated contains all your old data, including your 2FA OTP codes.

Just managed to login now into 0.5.4 and all is good.

I tried that.

I got failed to start container error after the downgrade, and when trying to connect through SSH the fingerprint error and man in the middle warning, and the fingerprint warning persisted after I tried to reupgrade again.

What are the commands to do what you’re suggesting to someone not fluent in Linux?

By no means an expert, but fingerprint error would suggest your known hosts file has an old or incorrect reference to your Umbrel.
Navigate to your .ssh folder on your local machine, change directory to .ssh and have a look for file called known_hosts. Open the file up and remove anything that has your existing Umbrel ip against it.

That should do the trick.

How does one do that?

Sorry I’m a Windows user and don’t know Linux commands.

Is there a walkthrough somewhere?

I am a heavy Mac user, so not 100% familiar anymore with Windows. I did a quick search and this article should help you:

It explains the same issue you have, man in the middle attack etc., same as what I had. So use the article above to navigate to known_hosts on windows (it will be in a folder somewhere (probably the user profile folder)). Just remove the offending lines that show your Umbrel’s ip address or host name if you have used umbrel.local for example.

Hope that helps close this off for you or others. Once you have that done, you should be able to ssh into the Umbrel server. If you previously changed the ssh password, then lookup the default ssh password for Umbrel, and use that, not your old ssh password.

I’ll try when I get back home.