2FA f*ckd up - how to restore access without A2F

My A2F has been left on my stolen cell phone … and I found out at this moment that I should have done a backup of the masterkey (learning the hard way …)

Is there a way to cancel that functionality to access my node (without re flashing the SD and then losing my channels !? which I don’t backup as well )

I have found some clues with putty but from there I am bit lost as i am not super fluent :smile:

every bite of help would be appreciated !


i think not possible or at least difficult to disable
because otherwise makes not much sense to have this feature.

think re-flash is only option

the channels should be also have backup in the cloud.
just need recovery seed.


well I hope recovery will work … @ the end reflashing will be the solution :face_with_head_bandage:… i keep posted if interesting updates…

Thanks mate

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no worries

wish you best luck!


it seems to me that by accessing SSH locally, there must be a way to remove this… take a good look before resetting everything…

yeah wish so … but the thing is i am not skilled enaugh :pensive:

There is a beginning to everything! It’s still better to know some orders…