2 batch opening channels ... opened to .. nothing/void. help please

to optimize fees i opened 2 channels in a batch ( lndg)

The transaction was publihed allright. at 40sats/vb. it took some time (3 to 4 weeks ? but went through few hourds ago)
so the channels are opened on my side but in red and no information is avaible. i see : “Error getting channel information” using thunderhub.

i then asked on the other end (peer)
the channel has been automatically closed on their sides some time ago with “Funding Cancel” as close type. there are no “closed since” nor “channel aged” information displayed.
looks like a timer ran out on there side and decided by itself to close the channel although yet in pending stage ! what’s that ?

What can be done ?
iIallready paid 40000 sats to open. is there a way to awake the 2 channels without extra fee ? do i have to close them ? force close ? that will cost event more and twice this time. i am worried.
Can you help ?