Zion morpheus nodes

Whats the story behind all these zion morpheus trinity neo nodes?

Not sure I’ve heard of it, though it sounds kinda cool - got a reference I can check out?

Here we go: Nodes to kick off a decentralised social network.

Apparently the highest number of incoming nodes from there

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Here you can see all the nodes that are connected forming what looks like a Lightning Network takover!

Thanks for the input Hakuna!

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Can we use this app with our own Umbrel node without paying for their node?

EDIT: sorry didn’t search properly first, here is from the FAQ:
Can I use Umbrel or Raspberry Pie to host my node? Our team is currently working on offering Umbrel support, this will be ready in the next few months. For the moment, you can use our relay and install it on your own Raspberry Pie device.

So hopefully it will arrive soon!

EDIT2: So looking deeper in this, I figure out it’s mostly a fork of Sphinx. So basically they offer a pay service to setup the node to use Sphinx. I’m setting up Sphinx now to test, I overlooked it the first time as I had many other thing to discover with my LN node. When I will understand better how it works and if Zion is interconnected or completely separated, I will decide what to think about this project.


How did your investigation go? There is some very interesting stuff happening from Zion/lightning since the Web5 release from TBD yesterday!!!:grin::grin::grin:
Can we run zion relay on our umbrels?