Zbd to Blue wallet

error while paying invoice no route found to destination

how can i solve this problem

Hi @Anindyasayan

What’s your current lightning node set-up like?
The best way to reduce the chances of this error occurring is to have a more well connected lightning node- this usually involves opening more channels with other well-connected nodes (https://amboss.space/ is a great resource for finding these nodes)

Hope that helps!

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i cant deposit sats on my lightning node
When i try Zdb wallet to Blue wallet transfer 500 sats.
then “error while paying invoice no route found to destination” this error message pop up
how can i slove this.
Mainly this problem Zbd wallet to blue wallet but ZBD to other wallet is fine no error

And when i try to Muun wallet to Blue wallet
“This invoice can’t be paid
This invoice was created by a private node that cant be reached.to reach it,the invoice must include extra data(RouteHints).this issue can only fixed by the invoice creator”

How can i add Route Hints