Why does the Total Balance differences between Lightning Node and Zeus?

I have my Lightning Node running on Umbrel.
I have Zeus installed on my iPhone and VPN connected via Tailscale.
All looks fine and I can send and receive payments (tested from my Muun wallet).

Some matters I do not understand though:

  1. Why is the sum of the balance Bitcoin Wallet + Lightning Wallet (i.e. Total Balance) different from what I see on my Zeus app? It is not much (less than 1%), but there is a difference. Why?
  2. I have 3 payment channels open. When I add the 3 amounts together the total amount is (29%) lower than my Total Balance displayed on my Lightning Node. Why is that?
  3. When I try to rebalance the channels using ThunderHub the reply is “400, Failed to find path between Peers”. Does this explain the above differences and how should I solve this?

Any reply I will appreciate!


so normally the zeus app only shows you your balance including the onchain and lightning balances. not the inbound capacity. you can find that on bottom right under channels.
the displayed balance is only nearly same. in LND you can also see the balance of your stats (onchain & lightning) but also the total available balace in and outbound in lightning network combines together.

when there is only a 1% difference it is due to the commit fee a small difference because of fees on that channel. its normal. i heard this fee goes away when you close the channel but this also occurs onchain fees so you kinda lose some sats to fees. it depends for me between 900-1800 sats but it also changes. you can see this when you click in LND on that channel than you can see further details.


rebalancing takes your outgoing liquidity from one to another (your) channel. it seems like there is no connection between the channels (peers) you want to rebalance. but about this not 100% sure because i‘m struggling with my channels as well right now :smile: