Whirlpool (CLI) Authenticate Technical error, check logs for details

Ive connected the gui to the cli and havent been able to authenticate.

It’s the correct password as if i type nonsense to authenticate “(CLI) Authenticate Authentication failed: invalid passphrase?” appears

Ive tried to uninstall reinstall samourai through umbrel. i reconnected to the cli and now im getting the same thing. I’ve restarted cli through GUI, rebooted umbrel. nothing helps

I can not find the error logs i looked through ~/umbrel/app-data/samourai-server/whirlpool
~/umbrel/app/samourai-server/whirlpool cant fined any logs as they are also not localy from gui.

edit: more info GUI is latest version, Blockchain is not fully synced yet. wouldn’t think blockchain is necessary to authenticate login.

Experiencing same issue here after upgrading today. Did you ever discover a solution?

Just to be clear, this issue just cropped up for me today after upgrading to 0.4.1.