What does it take?

What do I have to do to get this to recognize the running freaking Docker daemon that the INSTALLER INSTALLED? Tried a reboot and a dozen hours on the Googs. Do I have to massage it? Give it a pat on the head? Magic? Definitely not normal answers or any on the entirety of Google, because those don’t work. Do I need to have particular hardware that none of the docs, and definitely the installer don’t seem to call out? Whose knob do I have to work over to get this to install after a couple dozen attempts? Do I have to register my attempts somewhere? Pay a Nigerian prince? Walk someone’s Nana across a busy street?

Haha classic docker unfortunately.
Do you mind sharing some more context on what you’re running? I assume this is a fresh install of Umbrel you’re trying to-do, and this is something that’s come up during the install

I’m a doofus. I was ssh’d into an ubuntu box via WSL, and the connection dropped, and I didn’t realize it, so I was inadvertently trying to install it in WSL :man_facepalming:

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