What apps would you like to be added to the Umbrel App Store?

I would love to see Brave Browser in the Umbrell app store. Best browser out there imo and only one I will ever use!

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Hi @notcamillo

That’s great to hear! You can start up your own app store using the following template GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel-community-app-store: Template repository for a creating your own Community App Store for Umbrel. Click "Use this template" and add your apps!

This repo is also a great guide for porting the app GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel-apps: The official app repository of the Umbrel App Store. Submit apps and updates here. Learn how → https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel-apps#readme

You can try the docker images here Docker. Maybe a recently updated one will be best.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Wordpress & MySQL for sure.

A read-it-later/bookmarking service like Omnivore or Wallabag.

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I’ve got a few ideas:

  • WordPress - With Multiple Site Support
  • Ollama
  • SearXNG
  • BookStack
  • RoundCube - Or Basically any Email Client


Monero node