Feature: Add a Tor-relay app to the store

The issue:
Many nodes in the LN community are having ongoing issues with peers going offline. This is mostly due to issues with Tor. The Lightning Network relies on the Tor network as part of its infrastructure. However the LN is pacing to outgrow Tor. Tor needs to be more scalable, stable and reliable as LN continues its growth.

Umbrel should add TOR to its app store. This way nodes and anyone elso interested can also run a Tor relay.

You can also possibly add it as a lnd.conf of some kind to make it a low maintenance so its just a plug and play. per previous request below.

From a previous request:
"To support the Tor network, it would be nice if the Umbrel node would to be able to function as a relay-node (non-exit). Because the Umbrel node already uses the tor client only a change in config and some supporting documentation would suffice.

It would be a more advanced user option because of the requirement to change some settings in the router/firewall (NAT forwards)."


I’m surprised this doesn’t get requested more.