Web access "password incorrect" but via terminal works

Hi All,

Node running on RPi 4 4gb + 1TB SSD

Today I got notified that my log in password was incorrect. I was logged 30min prior and am sure I didn’t change the PW. I re-flashed the SD twice(!) but even then I cannot get in using moneyprintergobrrr . With help from Telegram I managed to log in via the terminal. moneyprintergobrrr must be right then? What to do?

My mission is obviously 2 fold:

  1. Get access to my node via web
  2. Recover my funds using my seed phrase.

Any suggestions?


I have exactly the same issue.

Adding more worry to the situation. I set up a ledger with my Umbrel recovery phrase but it does not detect my funds? What is going on??