Very disappointed with UmbrelOS 1.1 on my NUC

I wanted to migrate from my Pi4 to my NUC10 with 8GB RAM, and even bought a 4TB M.2 NVMe, assuming the result would be much faster than the Pi4. But the main result is that the NUC gets crazy hot (95°C) and thus make an unbearable noise (just running BZC Sore, LN and BTC Explorer), whereas my passively cooled Pi4 with 4GB RAM only gets 56°C, and it’s running 10 more apps.

And so I switched back to the Pi4 - no idea what to do with that expensive NUC now. Hopefully the excessive use of CPU and RAM will get fixed soon - maybe I’ll give it another try at that time.

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Hey @charona, sorry about that. This seems to be a hardware issue vs. anything related with umbrelOS. Since you mentioned you tried running a Bitcoin node on the NUC, it’s probably related to that. I assume the Bitcoin node on your Pi is already sync. But a fresh install of it on your NUC will peg the CPU to 100% for hours, until the node has 100% sync’d since block-validation is very compute-intensive. So this might be a temporary issue until your node has 100% sync’d. But yeah, I can’t comment more since every NUC has its own way of doing thermal management.

Thanks. It was completely synced, and still it stayed way too hot. Very high CPU and RAM usage as well. Most of the 8GB RAM were constantly in use, whereas the Pi4 only uses 2.75 out out 4GB, although my Pi has 8 apps installed, compared to only 3 on the NUC.

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