USB Bluetooth device in home assistant docker container


I have managed to get a usb bluetooth device working when I SSH into the device however it is not being passed down through to the home assistant application.

I have tweaked the docker compose file to add the volume /run/dbus:/run/dbus:ro but when I run bluetoothctl or rfkill to try and view the bluetooth device it is not there

Has anyone managed to do this before?

I have also got a zigbee device plugged in and that is being passed through to the docker container fine


Hey @mildred,

Did you do anything special to connect the zigbee device to the host system or did it work automatically?
I ask because I am trying to connect a usb to serial (waveshare USB to RS485 modbus) device to the host system, but without success.
Then I would also like to route this through docker to homeassistant, but that’s the next step.
After connecting, the device does not appear in the list (ls /dev/tty*) of devices.
In the logging it says that my Samsung SSD has been charged and blacklisted, but no indication of the serial usb port.