Updating to Umbrel v0.3.12 while syncing

Hi all,

I am currently syncing for the first time. About 1/3 of the way through at the moment.

I have noticed Umbrel v0.3.12 is available to download currently…

Am I best advised to leave the syncing to finish before updating to Umbrel v0.3.12 or do I get the update out of the way now? Would this reset my progress on the syncing?

Maybe the update can run in the background and not impact the syncing progress?

Thanks for any and all help

I’m in the same predicament. What choice did you make and what was the outcome? I can update now or wait. Thanks

Waited until it was completed and then updated.

No idea on my original question. Ended up not mastering in the end. Updating took very little time after syncing completed.