Umbrel died updating to umbrel v. 0.4.16

I’ve never had any issues with updating my umbrel. The updating screen got “stuck” during the update. I waited an hour and no changes. I’ve restared umbrel. Unplugged and plugged back in and now I cannot get into the umbrel home page. I get the red error page.

Any help about what to do next is much appreciated.

Flased new OS. Did not help.

Bought new Samsung microSD card. Flased new OS. Did not help.

Now what?

Posting your debug log will help better to understand what’s going on. Upload it on 0bin and share the link here

You are also not the first one having this issue, nor you’ll be the last…

However, I’ll suggest having a look at the Troubleshoot Guide it will probably help

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Thanks for the help!

Here are the debug logs.

This is the problem:

[ERR] LTND: unable to create partial chain control: status code: 401

See someone with a similar problem below

Perhaps someone else can chime in with a solution other than a restart. Did you change anything in your lnd.conf?

Yeah I read that issue. Is really strange.
What could try is to do a rescan blocks at restart node. I wrote the instructions in the Umbrel troubleshooting manual but that takes time.