Unable to send coins, double spent

Cant withdraw to external wallet, getting error:
Unable to send coins, double spent

2023-09-29 21_58_59-Lightning Node β€” Umbrel β€” Mozilla Firefox

You can try to enter through the terminal.
In the path ~/umbrel/app-data/lightning/data/lnd you will find the lnd.conf file.
In the [Application Options] section add the line
Save and close the file.
Restart your wallet (no need to restart the device) from Advanced Settings of the Lightning Node by clicking on Save and restart node.
When it has restarted the wallet will not show you any balance. Do not panic.
Go back to the lnd.conf file and delete the line we added earlier, save and close the file.
Be patient. The wallet will not show funds until it has finished a rescan of the blockchain. It will take time depending on the characteristics of your device. I think there is no way to see the progress, but be patient, it doesn’t take more than a day.

I hope this has been helpful.

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