[Solved] Unspent balance pending

9 days ago I forced closed some offline channels. Now I have two transactions with an unconfirmed amount of sats.

I have searched the forum and read the troubleshooting guide, but can’t find any solution.

Each of them seem to have two transactions, one big which is confirmed and one small which are not confirmed.

The smal transactions showed up 2 days ago when I restarted LND.

I have 0 channels pending close.

Should I wait this out or is this something I have to manually fix?

Rescanning of wallet UTXOs solved this.

How can I do a rescan of wallet in my Umbrel? I have about 1,597,059 sats of unconfirmed shown in a taproot address via RTL a week already. A weird thing is that I have another 1,596,912 sats confirmed (about a month ago) in a segwit address. My total sats shown in Lightnignt node now about 2,051,177. But the lightning node does not recognize the amount of the segwit address because when I tried to send max in Lightning Node, it allows only about 450K sats, not 2,051,177.

When I subtracted 1,597,059 - 1,596,912 = 147 sats. This 147 sats has not been confirmed on the blockchain for a month now. I guess these 2 inputs 1,596,912 and 147 are linked and possible why I cannot spend 1,597,059. How can I resolve this unspent balance. Is it a way to spend only 1,596,912

You find the instructions for rescanning here: Official Umbrel Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

The last section:

For me it took about 18h to complete so be patient.

Hi, thank you for your guide. I just solved the issue by upgrading the Lightning Node to the latest version 0.16.3. The 147 sats gone and all sats are confirmed now.
But another small issue with the latest version. There is intermittent display of transactions under Bitcoin wallet area in the Lightning Node. Quite funny.