Unable to install (docker fails)

hey all, i cannot get the software to work on my nanopi m3 (dietpi)
some logs:

============ CONFIGURING =============
========= UMBREL (mainnet) ===========

Generating auth credentials

Generating Tor password

Unable to find image 'lncm/tor:' locally
docker.io/lncm/tor@sha256:3c4ae833d2fefbea7d960f833a1e89fc9b2069a6e5f360109b5ddc9334ac0227: Pulling from lncm/tor
dfdd5ffb2577: Pulling fs layer
e5e93760cb4a: Pulling fs layer
7634cacee6c4: Pulling fs layer
982f18b76829: Pulling fs layer
982f18b76829: Waiting
7634cacee6c4: Verifying Checksum
7634cacee6c4: Download complete
982f18b76829: Verifying Checksum
982f18b76829: Download complete
dfdd5ffb2577: Verifying Checksum
dfdd5ffb2577: Download complete
e5e93760cb4a: Download complete
dfdd5ffb2577: Pull complete
e5e93760cb4a: Pull complete
7634cacee6c4: Pull complete
982f18b76829: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:3c4ae833d2fefbea7d960f833a1e89fc9b2069a6e5f360109b5ddc9334ac0227
Status: Downloaded newer image for lncm/tor@sha256:3c4ae833d2fefbea7d960f833a1e89fc9b2069a6e5f360109b5ddc9334ac0227
docker: Error response from daemon: failed to create shim task: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to start container process: error during container init: error setting cgroup config for procHooks process: bpf_prog_query(BPF_CGROUP_DEVICE) failed: invalid argument: unknown.

and there it ends.