Umbrel Stays Connected to Network but is Unresponsive

I have a weird one. I have my node up and running, and it appears to run properly for awhile, but then about a day or two of uptime it decides to stop serving the LAN site. I can ping it on the network, but it is otherwise unresponsive. I’m guessing it’s a software glitch and not hardware, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked at all in the first place.

Is there a log I can parse to see what process is causing it to shut down?

Raspberry Pi 4
Pisugar2 Plus UPS, 5000mAh

OS: Umbrel 0.5.1
Apps (*not set up, just installed):

  • Bitcoin
  • Lightning
  • LNbits*
  • IPFS Podcasting
  • BTCPay Server*
  • Bluewallet
  • ThunderHub*

When I had the node up and running initially, it had weeks of uptime, so I do not know what’s gone wrong.