Umbrel on Mac mini M1 via Ubuntu 22.04

Hi everyone,

this is my first post and I hope you can help me. Unfortunately I haven’t found anyone with a similar problem.

I would like to get a Lightning Node running on my Mac mini with M1 processor (VRM architecture) via a virtual machine in Parallels, but I am desperate in the last step of the installation. As can be seen from the error message, the installation file is obviously only intended for amd64. But I think I read somewhere that Umbrel also runs on arm64 and armv8. Do I need a different installation? If so, where can I find these?

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No need to run umbrel in VM.
Just follow the install procedures with docker directly.
With VM you will complicate more things and also take more resources.

I am strongly suggest to use Debian OS not Ubuntu. Also when you install requisites, be sure you install the ones for Debian or Ubuntu.

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@iceman05 what OS and architecture are you virtualising in Parralels?

We run an arm64 Debian development environment virtualised in Parralels on M1 Macs and it works well.

Perhaps you are virtualising a strange architecture? Or some weird OS that Docker isn’t able to detect properly? Could you also give me the exact version of Umbrel you are running and let me know how you downloaded it?

Also what’s the output of uname -a from inside your VM? I get this from Debian arm64 inside Parallels:

$ uname -a
Linux umbrel-dev 4.19.0-16-arm64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.181-1 (2021-03-19) aarch64 GNU/Linux

Oh and what version of Docker are you running too?

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Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in this field, so sorry for this question:

@DarthCoin Do I understand correctly that it is possible to install Umbrel natively on macOS?

@lukechilds I have downloaded umbrel with this command:

curl -L | tar -xz --strip-components=1

Here is the output of uname -a

Linux btc 5.15.0-27-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 14 12:56:31 UTC 2022 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Docker version:

    $ docker --version
Docker version 20.10.9, build c2ea9bc

No. Wipe macos and install a debian.
Then just follow the instructions step by step from umbrel github page. Are just 4 steps, simple commands. and that’s it.

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I’m one step further now. I installed Debian in VM and followed the instructions. Docker, then Docker compose and so on. Unfortunately, I now get an error when trying to install Umbrel. Do you have an idea?

btc@btc:~$ docker --version

Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086
btc@btc:~$ docker compose --version
Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086
btc@btc:~$ uname -a
Linux btc 5.10.0-14-arm64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.113-1 (2022-04-29) aarch64 GNU/Linux
btc@btc:~$ sudo ./scripts/start
Skipping status update when not on Umbrel OS

============ CONFIGURING =============
========= UMBREL (mainnet) ===========

Skipping lnd.conf update to preserve user changes…
Generating hidden services…

/usr/local/bin/docker-compose: Zeile 1: Not: Kommando nicht gefunden.

I’ve told you: not VM. Why do you need VM?
Just wipe macos and install debian. CLEAN.

I still need MacOS for other applications, so I preferred a VM. But if there’s no other option, I’ll have to think of something.

OK, in this case, you will need a really strong machine with at least 8GB RAM. A VM will take a lot of resources, that the node need them.

I got Umbrel working with Debian in a VM and increased the hardware resources of the VM. Thank you for your help.

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For faster sync you could assign more disk as swap memory to that VM and your node will considered it as “RAM”. Once the sync is done you can remove it, is not necessary.

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@iceman05 It would be great if you could let the community know how well your Umbrel setup is going, which apps you have installed, and what the system load is on your Mac. (Log report) Likely more people want to do the same…thx

Guys, i’m running rasperry pi node but considering getting mac mini from 2015 to make it a node. since i like the compact design. is there a restricted compatible model list that i can do that on? I might write a step by step guide for noobs, since i’m a noob myself;) Really wanna acomplish that.

Read that i need mac mini, wipe it, install debian, and run umbrell. can’t be that hard.
anyone here wanna help?:slight_smile:

Apologies for the delayed reply, just saw your post. Did you manage to get your Debian Mac Mini server sorted? For some reason, as soon as anyone mentions a non Raspberry Pi server, it’s crickets and no replies…

It is totally possible to use an Intel based Mac mini with Debian and Umbrel. You’ll be able to SSH into it, or use Tailscale that allows for remote access.

The 2014 Mac mini supports up to 8GB RAM with Intel i5 and 2 cores, which I would say is the minimum you should consider. If you want to run many other apps besides core apps like BTC Core, Electrums, Mempool etc, especially Lightning or BTC Pay server apps, then you should get a minimum 4 cores and 16GB RAM. You’ll need 1-2TB of upgraded storage unless you prune. FYI Umbrel is easier to configure when the OS and Umbrel files are installed on the same disk (it is possible to have separate disk but more complicated config).

If you do not already have the Mac Mini in hand, considering comparing a Mac Mini to other used Intel based systems. I think you will find you get a lot more processing power etc with other manufactures like the tiny PCs from Lenovo, HP, Dell or Intel NUCs. Check out the Amazon “Renewed Store” or eBay and see the below examples on Geekbench. The quality of many of these are on par with Apple IMO.

Good luck, looking forward to the Noob guide. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, the Mac Mini M1 did not run stable with umbrel. I had regular crashes after a few days. For this reason I replaced the M1 with a Rasperry Pi.