Debian VM Install


I want to install Umbrel on a Debian VM in Parallels Mac.

The homepage says:

Install on anything that runs Linux

Run Umbrel on Ubuntu or Debian on any hardware (or a VM on Mac or Windows) by running:

curl -L | bash

When I run that command I just get:

parallels@debian-gnu-linux-10:~$ curl -L | bash
bash: curl: command not found

Assume I must be missing something. Are there more detailed instructions somewhere or can anyone help?


I believe you’re new to linux ( and new to debian I assume)
Curl is not installed in Debian by default, you need to install using:

$ sudo apt-get install curl

Then run the script for install

Thanks, hopefully they make some more detailed instructions at some point.

If you’re really new to Linux I’d recommend you run an Ubuntu VM and not Debian. Debian normally doesn’t update as fast and is normally a smaller/lighter load. This is whats causing your issue here. If you start with an “easier” Linux flavor you’ll have an easier learning curve. I have installed on Ubuntu 22.04 and the works flawless.

I second this, I started with Debian but regretted it. Personally I use Ubuntu Cloud image on Proxmox.

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I tried the command:

curl -L | bash

On Ubuntu but it doesn’t work either, you need to install Curl first (which is missing in the install instructions).

Curl is not part of Umbrel application set.
As per Google: cURL is a computer software project providing a library and command-line tool for transferring data using various network protocols.

People who are using linux, usually have an idea about curl. Please do not blame install instructions without understanding it correctly.

You just need to install curl 1st in order to make this work. If you’re jumping into Linux I’d highly recommend getting good at Google searches for how-tos on each issue you come across. As an example:

Googling “install curl on ubuntu” leads you to the following:

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

$ sudo apt-get install curl