Umbrel log throttled=0x60000

Hi all,

My Umbrel log is saying:


What that means?
Something I should be worried about?

That means the RPi is overheating and throttling itself to prevent irreversible damage, what is your setup for the node? Any active cooling such as heatsink/fan enclosure?

It is Raspberry pi 4 with 8 gb memory setup.
I installed it to standard Raspberry case, so no extra cooling. Data disk is separate and not stacked to avoid to to heat Raspberry.

Summer is really hot so ambient temp is exceptional hot at the moment.

As placement it is in my home office near bedroom, so liked to keep it passive.

I get new case with heatsink and automatic adjusting fan on case. Fan is completely off if temperature stays under threshold…

Now it stays cool (fan off) and throttled is gone.

Check out my post from some weeks ago: High load & temperature

The official raspberry case has awful thermal properties. Avoid it if you don’t want to cook your raspi.

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