Umbrel Home Error: Failed to start containers

Just got my Umbrel Home today. Plugged it in to set it up. Said there was an OS update. So I downloaded that. But it reflected the previous version in the settings and kept telling me to install the latest update. I decided to do a reboot hoping it would reflect the updated version. When I did that it got stuck on reboot, and then I eventually got an error msg saying “Error: Failed to start containers.” Anytime I try restarting it or shutting it down I get that error. I am not very tech savy, hence the plug and play device, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Just responded to your message on, but sharing my response here too for others to see.

Hi. Did this twice, but the problem keeps persisting. Error: Failed to start containers
Any further suggestions?

@Umbreldude I had the same problem and found the solution here : MicroSD could fail soon/Error Failed to start containers - #15 by marukopollo