Umbrel Home Assistant vs. VM Home Assistant

There seems to be a few annoying limitations with the Umbrel implementation of HA. ?

  • No access to Add-Ons.
  • Not able to upload Back-ups (can download back-ups, but not upload?). Unless I’m being dense.
  • No integration auto scan.
  • Integrations that are finicky about firewalls & ports (Sonos etc.) just refuse to work.

Not a deal breaker, just contemplating moving HA to a dedicated [old] MacMini to avoid breaking my Umbrel Bitcoin / Lightning Node by opening ports, firewalls and unintentional security holes.

Curious how everyone else is finding HA on Umbrel.

I’d be interested to know if you ever resolved this. I’m running into the same problem with my Home Assistant on Umbrel - I cannot find a way to edit the configuration file.

Hi everyone, I’m experimenting too with Home Assistant and ESPHome and I have the same issues.
ESPHome is not discovering my devices in my network.
I think this is because the container used umbrel_main_network and not the host network, so the container cannot access devices in the local network.
I can try manually editing docker-conpose.yml file and change the network to host.

No sorry, I just decided to ignore the problem, and continue to run HA on Umbrel as-is.

FWIW I make regular Umbrel HA back-ups which I can successfully upload onto my other HA install (I have the same version of HA installed on a MacMini, just in case the Umbrel dies). This is pretty easy to do using rsync in the macOS Terminal. Sorry not sure how this works in Windows.

sudo rsync -avz -e 'ssh' umbrel@192.168.XXX.XXX:~/umbrel/app-data/home-assistant/ /Location/Of/Your/BackupFolder

Change the IP address and BackupFolder string to match your system.

thanks for the response.
I’ve found a way to SSH into the umbrel from a PC on my network and edit the configuration file via the command prompt. Seems to work to enable automations and I’m now able to create some automations successfully. It does seem like some additional support / function would be beneficial from within the Umbrel environment to permit add-ons to be loaded, etc for HA

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