Home Assistant configuration.yaml nuked during Umbrel restart?

Title says it all really.

Any changes made to configuration.yaml in the folder ~/umbrel/app-data/home-assistant/ are wiped each time the Umbrel node is restarted.

And any text added to configuration.yaml in the sub-folder ~/umbrel/app-data/home-assistant/data are ignored by Home Assistant.

Can anyone point me towards some info about what the proper procedure is re: configuration.yaml? Many thanks, D

I’ve just started using Home Assistant. Great app but that’s bad news if the configuration gets wiped out when you restart. So you had to configure everything again?

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There’s a workaround – make all the edits you want to configuration.yaml and make a duplicate of that file called configuration.yaml.template … everytime Umbrel/HA reboots, configuration.yaml is overwritten by the contents of configuration.yaml.template … I don’t know why this is necessary, but its working for me.

Now if anyone has managed to get Sonos integration working in Umbrel HA (possibly a firewall issue?) hit me up! Banging my head against that one right now.

My solution to all my problems:buying another RaspPi4, install directly Home Assistant.
Much simpler.

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There is always that approach :slight_smile:

I’ve mirrored my Umbrel HA on an ancient MacMini running HA w/ VirtualBox VM … which creates other issues (painfully slow reboot times).