Umbrel doesn't work with VPN kill switch

I use ProtonVPN with a kill switch on MacOS. The kill switch was automatically disabled after I installed Umbrel (I didn’t disable the kill switch). I cannot log in to the umbrel portal when the kill switch is enabled, but have no issues logging in after I disable the kill switch.

What’s the relationship here between the kill switch and umbrel?

I don’t know why the kill switch was automatically disabled, however normally the kill switch disables all Internet network traffic and depending on the setup local LAN traffic can be killed aswell.

Any idea why umbrel doesn’t work unless the kill switch is deactivated?

Hmm that sounds like expected behavior… so if the kill switch is on (activated) its not going to let any traffic through and when you de-active (turn it off) its working as expected right?

Yes, exactly. If the kill switch is activated umbrel does not work, but when deactivated umbrel works fine. Do you know if there’s any way to make umbrel work while having the kill switch enabled? Everything else works on the network except for umbrel.

The normal behavior of a kill switch is to kill the traffic when its activated. I think your kill switch is not setup correctly to be honest if other traffic is going through…perhaps you need to add an exception to your kill switch?