Network Security

Does Umbrel change anything at the router level that weakens network security? I have Umbrel on a Raspberry Pi. Prior to installing, I used a VPN Killswitch with ProtonVPN (MacOS). After installing Umbrel, the killswitch was disabled. When I enable the killswitch, I cannot login to Umbrel.

Did Umbrel change the killswitch or is that a coincidence and some other issue?

Does Umbrel change anything or weaken network security in any way?

Thanks for your help.

Sounds like a coincidence.

Umbrel runs on your local network, when you VPN using your Mac, you are essentially tunneled to outside your network, and would have a different IP. There are ways to allow you to route traffic to your local network depending on the IP address range, but another way that would work is accessing your umbrel through TOR (although this might be a bit slower)

Thanks. I do access Umbrel through Tor. I think not using the killswitch is fine for now. I am curious if Umbrel opens any ports or introduces any vulnerabilities into my network. Haven’t found a good answer to that question.

Umbrel does not have any ability to open ports on your router.

The vulnerabilities on your network would more likely exist at your router/firewall, or on devices on your network that could be compromised through phishing, malware, etc.