For Umbrel node operators: Announcing LightningNetwork+

LN+ is a web app that aims to help lightning network operators organize rings of fire also known as liquity swaps. Such rings help every participant to receive an incoming channel in return for opening an outgoing channel. This way, each participant will be able to send and receive to all parties and all the other nodes that they are connected to.

This site effectively replicates what we’ve been doing in the Opening Channel Requests thread on this forum, but it does it in a way that you will hopefully find easier to use. Also, I will bring in node operators from other platforms besides Umbrel so we can have a diverse set of operators connecting to each other.

I double checked and tested everything but if you find any bugs please let me know, and also I want to hear your ideas on how the site can work better for you.

If you decide to try it out, thank you in advance!


We’ve grown a lot since I posted the above. We opened over 1500 channels with a total capacity of 38 BTC.

We introduced two new most requested features:

  • You can create Swaps with restrictions for participants, like minimum channel count or node capacity.
  • You get duplicate channel warning in case you already opened a channel to a node.
  • Rich profiles with node information.

I invite you to check out our new features and join us for a triangle!

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