Umbrel Becomes unresponsive after latest ubdate

Ever since the latest update in have to power cycle my umbrel node multiple time a day. Before the update it was rock solid and never once required a power cycle.

I am using a Raspberry pi 8gb
Official power adapter
1 TB SSd

Any advice would be much appreciated

After reading a topic on the issue here i have set a static ip on the pi, will update if this doesn’t solve the issue :ok_hand :ok_hand:

You may be intersted in this thread Issues after Latest Update to v0.3.13

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Thanks ill take a look now, since i have assigned a static IP earlier it hasn’t need a power-cycle yet so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Offline now again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ll try and roll back to previous version later this is doing my head in