Umbrel Arch Linux Script


I am writing to share an exciting development that could potentially expand the reach and accessibility of Umbrel to a wider user base. Recently, I have developed a script specifically designed to facilitate the installation of Umbrel on Arch Linux systems. This script is currently available at GitHub - fr4nsys/umbrel-arch: An unofficial Umbrel installer for Arch Linux & derivatives. Umbrel team granted permission to review & incorporate. Tested rigorously but carries no warranty. Proceed with caution & test in a controlled environment. and I believe it aligns well with the ethos of Umbrel.

I respectfully suggest that the Umbrel team might consider reviewing this script. If found suitable, its integration into the official support documentation could be a worthwhile addition. This would not only enhance the flexibility of Umbrel’s deployment options but also demonstrate a commitment to embracing diverse linux distributions.

Arch Linux, known for its simplicity, modernity, and speed, presents a robust platform for applications like Umbrel, which currently focuses on Debian-based systems. The script aims to bridge this gap, offering an efficient solution for Arch Linux users to install and enjoy Umbrel, thereby extending its reach to a broader community that values cutting-edge technology. While supporting a new operating system is a significant decision involving maintenance and support considerations, the dedication and technical expertise of the Arch Linux community could prove to be a valuable asset in this expansion.

I am available to discuss this further and provide any necessary assistance. Your team’s work in creating and maintaining Umbrel is deeply appreciated, and I look forward to the possibility of its expansion to the vibrant Arch Linux community.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I eagerly await your thoughts and feedback.