Any strong feelings on Debian vs. Ubuntu as the base OS?

Hi guys,

Very glad that I stumbled upon this on Reddit. Very interesting project!

I’m looking at deploying an instance on my Proxmox host.

Creating Ubuntu or Debian is both very easy.

Are there any good reasons to choose one OS over the other to host Umbrel on top of?

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Hi Daniel,

Been using Umbel for 3 months now. I’m very keen on version 1.0 on x86. I have installed Umbrel on Debian 11,12 and Ubuntu 22.04 containers as well as a Debian 12 qemu VM. Ubuntu 24.04 did not like Umbrel and my install failed multiple times (I’m sure this will change in the future). LXC appears to run smoother and I prefer Debian 12 so I am using that.

I would suggest going with whichever you prefer.

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If you find a .5x umbrel version please let me know. I could not get 1.1x to install on x86, the boards are full of comments with image issues.

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