Linux mint instal;

Is it possible to install umbrel on linux mint? im looking for a walk-through and installation guide.

Why use Mint? This is a bloated OS to just run Umbrel. Just set up Ubuntu 22.04 server and run the and you’ll be up and running in minutes. There’s no need for the GUI bloat.

Im new to linux so i thought mint would be suitable

Welcome to Linux! If you’re really new you’ll have a much easier learning curve using an OS that is widely used and has a large online reference history for times you need googling help. Mint will work but the number of people running Umbrel on Mint is probably very small in comparison to the number of people running on Ubuntu. Ubuntu isn’t necessarily the best and there’s always something that’s better for certain reasons but unless you’re extremely proficient in the OS and technologies needed you’re better off going with a baseline that has a large following for help.

OK i will look into it thanx

I have an old computer (150GB) and a 1Tb SSD. Is there any easy way to run umbrel?