Umbrel 1.0 - Jam app does not open

I am running umbrel 1.1.

When I attempt to open the Jam app, it prompts me with a usernames and password screen authorized by umbrel.local:5002.

I think I need to download the latest version of bitcoin node as I’m running 24.0.1, but the 27 version is not available in the umbrel appstore as a download/ upgrade.

If you right click on the Jam app, and click on Show Default Credentials, that is the username and password is what you can use to log in.

As to why it doesn’t autofill it, I don’t know.

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@nmfretz I have tried your temporary fix but it does not change anything.

I can see that my browser now tries to connect to port 5005 but still the Jam app does not open up at all.

Thanks @Achim, that is what I expected and confirms that it is not a port clashing issue. I have remote access to a Pi 5 now and am looking into it.

Please go ahead and switch Jam back to the default 5002 port.

@Achim @boroghor @jz831 - I just tested on a Pi5 and this is an nginx issue within the Jam app that is only occurring on Pi5, no other device that I own.

For some reason nginx in Jam on the Pi5 doesn’t like the amount of memory that it is allocating to a shared memory zone named “upstreams”:

$ sudo docker exec jam_web_1 nginx -t
nginx: [emerg] zone "upstreams" is too small in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:3
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

The file referenced is a default.conf nginx file that Jam automatically generates. I tested manually changing the memory allocation of “upstreams” from 64K (what Jam sets) to 128K and starting up nginx again, and then Jam works fine on the Pi5.

I have opened an issue on Jam’s GitHub: Jam 0.2.0 nginx issue on Raspberry Pi 5 (umbrelOS) · Issue #749 · joinmarket-webui/jam · GitHub. I’d appreciate it if you would stop by the issue and add a reaction to my first post so that devs see people are interested in the issue. Hopefully Jam can get this resolved soon.


@nmfretz Thank you so much for taking your time and trying to solve the issue!
I’ve been in contact with tbk (theboracompanioni) from Jam developers team vie Telegram before and will send him the Github link personally.


Thank you. This was my issue.


Thanks for stopping by the Github issue everyone! A PR to fix the issue has been opened:


Now we need to wait for the new docker version, am I right?

Yep, that’s right. Once a new Docker image is released we can put out an app update.


@nmfretz sorry to reopen this, but has this been updated to work by default? I just installed jam and am running bitcoin core v27.0.0 but Jam is not opening.

Im fairly new to all this and Im having trouble updating this on my own

Hey @groyal, Jam hasn’t released the new version and associated Docker image yet that includes fix. You can follow along with the discussion here:

Once the image is released we can update the app on the Umbrel App Store and you will see a notification to update!


Thanks! greatly appreciated!