Ubuntu install error externally-managed-environment

ubuntu 23.04

this is a new problem May 2023. here is some info:

I couldn’t fix it with those instructions (noob), so I installed Ubuntu 22 instead. Umbrel then installed correctly.

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Did you install the 22 LTS Version ?

Someone can solved this issue ?
I have the same and unable to install Umbrel OS on my Ubuntu 23.04 :frowning:

I can solve this issue. Steps:

  1. Instead of curl -L https://umbrel.sh | bash to install, I did curl -L https://umbrel.sh > install-umbrel.sh
  2. Modify the install-umbrel.sh script. Look at the install_docker_compose function and change it to:
install_docker_compose() {
  sudo apt-get install --yes libffi-dev pipx
  sudo pipx install docker-compose
  # we need to add /root.local/bin to the PATH
  echo PATH="\$PATH:/root/.local/bin" | sudo tee -a /root/.bashrc > /dev/null
  sudo source /root/.bashrc
  1. Save and run the script bash install-umbrel.sh.

I hope this helps you.

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A workaround was published in the github issues: Debian12 install / pip install · Issue #1672 · getumbrel/umbrel · GitHub

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