Trustless push/loop channels in ThunderHub, RTL?

Hi all – newb to Lightning Network, thanks for bearing with my dumb question:

How do I set up balanced channels (push 50%, loop out, whatever you want to call it etc.) in a trustless way using only the apps in Umbrel?

Have tried looking at RTL & ThunderHub dashboards and can’t figure it out. Yes, you can push 50% of the channel sats in THub but that requires your channel partner to send back an on-chain transaction, and this requires trust.


If you have a channel with too much outgoing and another with too little outgoing, you can use RTL. Find the channel with too much outgoing and select circular rebalance. Then, select your other channel and then provide the amount. Finally, you have to set how much you’re willing to pay max in routing fees. If it doesn’t go through first, you can try increasing the fee you’re willing to pay and reduce the amount.

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