Taproot Activation

Any word on when taproot activation will be available on Umbrel?

Currently waiting for what comes of Speedy Trial. Need 90% of the next 2016 blocks found to signal for Taproot (currently 9.77% at 21 blocks signalling). If it does get 90% then it will activate in Nov and I’d expect Umbrel to include that build with the newest firmware. If it fails then we’d look to Umbrel for a UASF. Ether way its a waiting game.
I do recall @LukeDashjr dropped some build last week but won’t look into it until the outcome of Speedy Trial looks imminent.

You can follow Speedy Trial status here:


6 epoch chances for 90percent signal. just failed the first. 5 more to go before uasf becomes a real option.


It was already answered in this forum here

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