Send to taproot address

Hi guys,
has anyone tried to send from umbrel to taproot address ?

I got an error "Please validate the Bitcoin address is correct "

I’m running 0.4.8

Thanks and enjoy

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I’m sorry I don’t have the answer for this but I am very interested in taproot functionality in regards to umbrel. Perhaps someone can enlighten us?

I don’t have any funds in so I can’t test it but that can be sorted out. I’m running 0.49 Can maybe find out if it works for me.

I’m trying to figure this out too. I can’t send to my taproot supported cold storage. It seems as though whilst taproot has been activated from a bitcoin core perspective as we are able to verify taproot transactions that are in the blockchain.

We are not able to generate our own taproot receive addresses nor are we able to send to a taproot address as the checksum is incorrect (told by thunderhub, not umbrel itself)