Tallycoin Connect: Issue with Tallycoin Connect Install: Error when upgrading NPM from 8.19.3 to 10.5.0

Hello Umbrel community,

I encountered an issue while attempting to install Tallycoin Connect on my Umbrel node. Specifically, when I tried to upgrade the NPM tool from version 8.19.3 to 10.5.0, I encountered the following error:

0 verbose cli /usr/local/bin/node /usr/local/bin/npm

1 info using npm@8.19.3

2 info using node@v16.19.0

3 timing npm:load:whichnode Completed in 3ms

4 timing config:load:defaults Completed in 7ms

5 timing config:load:file:/usr/local/lib/node_modules/npm/npmrc Completed in 122ms

6 timing config:load:builtin Completed in 123ms

7 timing config:load:cli Completed in 6ms

8 timing config:load:env Completed in 1ms

9 timing config:load:file:/opt/tallycoin_connect/.npmrc Completed in 1ms

10 timing config:load:project Completed in 120ms

11 timing config:load:file:/home/node/.npmrc Completed in 0ms

12 timing config:load:user Completed in 2ms

13 timing config:load:file:/usr/local/etc/npmrc Completed in 4ms

14 timing config:load:global Completed in 6ms

15 timing config:load:validate Completed in 0ms

16 timing config:load:credentials Completed in 54ms

17 timing config:load:setEnvs Completed in 51ms

18 timing config:load Completed in 375ms

19 timing npm:load:configload Completed in 376ms

20 timing npm:load:mkdirpcache Completed in 7ms

21 timing npm:load:mkdirplogs Completed in 6ms

22 verbose title npm start

23 verbose argv "start"

24 timing npm:load:setTitle Completed in 13ms

25 timing config:load:flatten Completed in 14ms

26 timing npm:load:display Completed in 20ms

27 verbose logfile logs-max:10 dir:/home/node/.npm/_logs

28 verbose logfile /home/node/.npm/_logs/2024-03-24T12_37_02_471Z-debug-0.log

29 timing npm:load:logFile Completed in 38ms

30 timing npm:load:timers Completed in 0ms

31 timing npm:load:configScope Completed in 0ms

32 timing npm:load Completed in 465ms

33 silly logfile done cleaning log files

34 http fetch GET 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/npm 2829ms (cache miss)

35 http fetch GET 200 https://registry.npmjs.org/npm 3173ms (cache miss)

36 timing command:run-script Completed in 567103ms

37 timing command:start Completed in 567155ms

38 notice

38 notice New major version of npm available! 8.19.3 -> 10.5.0

38 notice Changelog: <https://github.com/npm/cli/releases/tag/v10.5.0>

38 notice Run `npm install -g npm@10.5.0` to update!

38 notice

39 verbose stack Error: command failed

39 verbose stack at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/@npmcli/promise-spawn/lib/index.js:63:27)

39 verbose stack at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:513:28)

39 verbose stack at maybeClose (node:internal/child_process:1100:16)

39 verbose stack at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:304:5)

40 verbose pkgid tallycoin_connect@1.8.0

41 verbose cwd /opt/tallycoin_connect

42 verbose Linux 4.9.337-tegra

43 verbose node v16.19.0

44 verbose npm v8.19.3

45 error path /opt/tallycoin_connect

46 error command failed

47 error signal SIGTERM

48 error command sh -c -- node tallycoin_connect.js

49 verbose exit 1

50 timing npm Completed in 567775ms

51 verbose code 1

52 error A complete log of this run can be found in:

52 error /home/node/.npm/_logs/2024-03-24T12_37_02_471Z-debug-0.log

This error has halted the update process, and I’m unsure how to proceed. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,
umbrel-1711285699534-debug.log (26.1 KB)

I think very strange this port map. Is it correct?

79f373d3ac20 djbooth007/tallycoin_connect:v1.8.0 “npm start” 21 hours ago Up 21 hours 8123/tcp tallycoin-connect-web-1
256aa3ac8c8e getumbrel/app-proxy:v0.5.2 “docker-entrypoint.s…” 21 hours ago Up 21 hours>8124/tcp, :::8124->8124/tcp tallycoin-connect-app_proxy-1