Syncing very slow

…it seems to max out @92.59
moving VERY slow from 92.53 if I restart.
I had shut it shut down to install a fan on the raspberry pi- and there was a drastic decrease in sync speed since? Troubleshooter indicated no detectable problem? Should I just let the SSD catch up from the change?

What’s that? The hash rate you are seeing reported?

No, that was the % already in sync- it’s all mute now! I erased everything and am starting over. thx though :pray:

Kind of too late if you’ve restarted. You can open up terminal and ssh umbrel@umbrel.local and enter your password to get to a prompt.

enter these commands
cd umbrel
cd bitcoin
tail -f debug.log

you should be able to see your progress and any issues.

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@BdC did you discover what was the issue? in my case I had to restart when sync was at 1%, since then I’ve been syncing an average of over 48%/day… now sync speed decreased and I do not understand why as the node has been on, nor have rebooted.

Run the ssh as mentioned by @Spice_Master and the results are looking good. Nothing about sync speed is mentioned there. Look’s like the blocks are taking longer to be synced (dot). The number of peers did not change either, always around 10. Maybe the peers changed? and this connection speed is slower so consequently, my coreBtc sync speed has reduced?

Be patient. Speed varies. About 3 days is minimal time to finish sync. But it depends on quality of peers feeding blocks to you, and you don’t have control on this.

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Ok, thank you for confirming @LoboGuara, I’ll grab some popcorns :popcorn: