Synchronized only 10% after 3 days


my Rasperry Pi4b with 4GB Ram and 1TB (Crucial) SSD which is connected via lan cable to my router is synchronizing the BTC blockchain since 3 days and is at only 10% now. My internet speed is 40MB/s up/down.

I read that it should sync way faster. Any idea what I can do or should I just let it work until it’s at 100% what would probably take several weeks?

same for me … any solution?

After 4 days, my Syc is 15.3%. I heard 10 -12 day is normal for the sync of the whole blockchain

Let it run and have patience :smiley: I will also do it

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Quick update after 6 days sync 33%

Had a similar experience.

Initial 0-100% in about 3 days, but after I had it offline for a few days, it needed a week (!!) to go from 99.75% to fully sync-ed. Restarts didn’t help.

Finally information: the complete sync took 13 days on wireless, 100Mbit bandwidth and SSD drive.