General Lightning Node Strategy

Hi Guys,

Over the last week I have set up my LN Node, threw in a modest amount of BTC, joined a number of channels (initially large nodes and lesser known nodes from 1ML, Swaps from At the moment I have a 25-30% Inbound Liquidity.

I’m really just looking to hear other peoples ideas about running a node and what is your strategy?

Things to note about my node:

  • I’m not hyper-profit motivated
  • interested in supporting the network and adoption
  • looking ultimately for an operational strategy that is low maintenance not freaking out about rebalancing every day
  • In the end (1-4+ years) hoping that the operation of the node would cover cost of creating/exiting channels and liquidity lockup.

I see that the space is emerging (e.g. the release of LNDg a few days ago), however just looking to play in this space as a hobbyist and hopefully not lose sats.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m also a hobbyist, I’m running my node on custom hardware right now. I’m trying to spend some time understanding the code to collaborate as well.

Btw, on the profitability I found this nice video

And yes there are some really nice swaps in lightningnetwork plu.