Start umbrel automatically on reboot?


I’d like for umbrel to start automatically when the PC ( ubuntu) reboots.

i tried to put the start command in crontab (with root priviledge) and other “classic” services that starts with boot but didn’t succeed

is there a simple way to do so ?

ps : i looked but didn’t find a related topic. sorry if i missed it

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Are you sure it’s not starting up by default? After the system reboots, you do have to wait a while (5 to 10 minutes) before you try to connect to Umbrel. You need to give Umbrel time load everything it needs, and to connect to peers.

I installed Umbrel on an Ubuntu PC, and Umbrel starts up after every reboot without me changing the crontab file or doing anything besides installing Umbrel.

Hope this helps.

Same here, would really like umbrel to start automatically once rebooted without having to go to umbrel/scripts/start

The reply to your original message says it auto starts but it hasn’t since the first install so suspect something changed in the install script? I’ve been running my umbrel node for quite some time now and when I installed it, there was no auto start functionality on custom Ubuntu (non rpi) platforms.

I used the installation script on Ubuntu Server, and it starts automatically on boot by default

I suspect you used a newer version of the install script, the old install script did not add an autostart entry to umbrel. No idea how to fix it, can’t really afford to reinstall so would not mind adding it myself manually if I’d know where to look.

Hi, thanks . Indeed umbrel won t start on its own … and reinstalling seems a bit risky. if the newer script is still available on your pc/raspberry, could you share it ? It could help.
Thanks again for your time.

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I confirm that installing umbrel again from scratch solved this problem so the problem is related to old installs that, at the time, did not add an automatic startup entry.

I had to install umbrel again anyway so am happy it got fixed but overall I would not recommend doing this (very time consuming) unless your umbrel install has problems anyway.


so reinstalling umbrel … does it mean uninstalling all the lightning node ? Closing all the channels ? Or a more non disruptive process ? ( which one ?)
Please let me know