How do you configure Docker auto-start for Umbrel?

How do you configure Docker auto-start for Umbrel?

I’m using XUbuntu 21.10 .

Everything is working, via Docker, but everytime my server restarts I have to manually run ./scripts/start to start it back up again.

  1. Configuring the containers to have auto-restart policy did not seem to help. (Why aren’t the containers configured to auto-restart by default??)
  2. Adding a crontab @restart policy to run the start script also failed for me.
  3. Also, I tried configuring a /etc/rc.local to auto-run the start script, but didn’t work either.

I suspect that, just like VNC, part of the configuration requires being logged into an active session??

So, how have you configured the auto start? Not able to find information on this.

Seems like something like a resiliant auto-start Kubernetes cluster would be a good way to run this cluster, unless Kube wont work on a RasPi?