[SOLVED] Is still safe to update to 0.5.x? Should I keep running 0.4.18?

Basically I have my 0.4.18 Umbrel running in my own custom setup with some scripts for rebalance and lightning channels fee automation.

I have no apps, but I’m afraid 0.5.x may break something in my node and I won’t like to close all my channels and open them again since it will take a considerable amount of time and money.

What do you think? Should I update or keep running an old Umbrel version?

Thank you @mayank! :heart:

I did it and it went smooth, running 0.5.0 now, waiting blockchain sync to upgrade to 0.5.1


  • Backup everything, seed, configs, all drive if possible
  • Upgrade to 0.4.18 first and make sure it is synced and running stable, mine was 1 week uptime
  • Uninstall all apps previously to update
  • Disable any cronjob or service using Umbrel docker containers, like ChargeLND or rebalance scripts

That’s it, enjoy your new Umbrel!

PD: I still think Umbrel is the best way to run a node even if haters don’t like it.

Edit: Now running latest 0.5.1 working like a charm! :rocket:

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