SHTF channels recovery - TESTING

DISCLAIMER - This is ONLY a testing solution !

Recently I found a new LND wallet for mobile and wanted to test it out. Is Blixt wallet, nice wallet with powerful features, is non-custodial, using neutrino and SPV, but you can connect to your own node. Is still in beta so keep in mind that.

So I saw that is using LND and AEZEED seed, so could be compatible with my Umbrel node wallet. Also saw the option to upload channels.backup file for channels.

We’ve started a discussion on their github, for those who have Umbrel node and want to test out the recovery procedure. Again, be aware, only for testing purposes and help building a better app contributing with tests.

So if you are in a testing mode, please share your steps.
If you are also in a SHTF mode (your Umbrel node is already dead and you do not have more options) and you want to test this option, please share your experience here:

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@mayank how can I recovery my channel back from umbrel server. I reinstall ubuntu & umbrel, save seeds but didn’t back u any channel.